Monday, July 13, 2015

It just is.

Whenever you love somebody, there is usually a list of "I love you because of....."

Your voice.
Your smile.
Your confidence.
The way you laugh at your own jokes.
The way you crinkle your nose when you laugh.
How you change your mind a hundred times at the drive-thru.
How you bend down to a child to speak to them at eye level.

The list goes on and you will keep trying to find more reasons to make everything have perfect sense in its way of loving someone.

Then you hear the truth about what Jesus says when He says He loves you. It changes your perspective about love. It changes you as a person. 

This is what happened to me. When I didn't seem to see myself loved because of my debilities, He came to me and whispered, "My beloved, I love you just - because."

No specific reason, not based on externals and not even based on anything I say or do.

It just is.

At the end of the day, we all get old and gray. 
We all change over a lifetime. 
The reason that others love us never stay the same, because we are people in progress shaped by the edges of time. 

In fact, God loves us when our souls turn ugly, when we are cowardly and crass, when we fail and stumble. He loves us when the dress stops fitting. Our God is the God who stays when everyone else leaves. He loves us just because and He can't help it. 

This is who He is, regardless of who we are, because His love does not reside in a list.

His love is free.

It is reckless.

It is forever.

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